SurgiMend, used by General, Plastic and Reconstructive and Trauma surgeons alike, offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic products for soft tissue repair and reconstruction. Derived from fetal or neonatal bovine dermis, this unique acellular dermal matrix provides surgeons with the widest flexibility to choose the most appropriate device thickness, strength, and size for each procedure, technique, and patient.

The Strongest, Thickest Biologic Matrix

  • The biological make-up of bovine dermis, including its inherent collagen fiber architecture, leaves SurgiMend unmatched in available thicknesses and mechanical strength
  • 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0 mm thicknesses and sizes up to 25 cm x 40 cm

Non-Inflammatory for Better Reinforcement

  • Free of contaminants, artificial chemical crosslinks, and denatured proteins
  • Pure collagen; no added preservatives
  • Does not elicit an acute or chronic foreign body inflammatory response that leads to the implant’s degeneration

Abundance of Type III Collagen

  • SurgiMend is derived from young healthy tissue that contains three times more Type III collagen than other acellular dermal matrices

Terminally Sterilized, Safe, and Consistent

  • Free of potentially antigenic antibiotics and terminally sterilized
  • Derived from only well-defined and characterized source tissue with respect to age, mechanical strength, structure, and composition

Rapid Cell Repopulation and Vascularization

  • Intraoperatively, SurgiMend is seeded with the patient’s tissue-building cells and growth factors
  • The microporous matrix is rapidly revascularized to support tissue-building for prolonged reinforcement


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